Our mission is to create real hopes
through innovative new drug developments
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I'm Dooyoung Jung,
the CEO of Pinotbio Co., Ltd.

Pinotbio has been developing innovative new drugs for intractable diseases, such as resistant/recurrent cancer or ischemic optic neuropathy, for which there is no suitable treatment despite the demand for it and despite the earnest wishes of patients.

Many new drugs are being developed in tune with the remarkable development of medical technology, but some people still suffer from rare and incurable diseases.

With the mission of “Pursuing perfection in R&D for new drug development,” Pinotbio has been taking steps forward to cure intractable diseases that have high unmet medical needs.

Pinotbio will always strive to make everyone happy by realizing the hopes of patients for a healthy life.

We hope that you will continue to show interest in the growth and development of Pinotbio in the future.

Thank you.

Pinotbio CEO