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through innovative new drug developments
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Pinotbio has been conducting R&D on best-in-class targeted anticancer therapies for relapsed/ refractory cancer, ADC platform, and treatment for ischemic ophthalmic disease.

Our pipeline consists of NTX-301, a targeted anticancer therapy for blood cancer/solid cancer, a next-generation ADC anticancer drug candidate and platform technology PINOT-ADC™, and NTX-101, an eye drop treatment for ischemic optic neuropathy.

  • Next-Gen Targeted
    Anticancer Therapy

    Clinical safety and efficacy has been confirmed for NTX-301

    Dual action, exerting powerful anticancer effect

    ADC Platform

    Next Generation ADC Platform Technology

    Payload and Linker that can overcome resistance

  • Biotech Specializing
    in Oncology Treatment

    Innovative therapy for relapsed/refractory disease

    Operating a global clinical development network

  • Global Leading Biotech for Novel Anticancer Treatment